Cadence is a charming place in Paris to have a drink or share a plate while listening to good records pushed by DJs coming from all around the world. The menu evolves on a daily basis based on the fresh products the Chef finds at the food market and plates are meant to be shared and offered at a very fair price.

Behind this concept are Jérémie, Paul and Joshua. Three guys passionated by food and music. I joined them to help on the art direction for the brand and the place itself, from shaping the logo to crafting the benches, Cadence is probably my most complete project.

Please keep in mind that this project is still partly WIP and so is this case study.

Bon appétit !




Here is a sneak peak of the Summer 2020 collection. The idea here is to remind the spirit of the restaurant, using the tagline or the pattern, without turning customers into human billboards. The same reason brought us into using colors inspired by dishes cooked by the Chef rather than the brand's blue.


Décadence are parties organized by the owners, these parties start in the restaurant and at 1pm, everybody including the DJ moves to a partner night club close to the restaurant to crank the volume and the party up! As it's part of Cadence I decided to alter the main identity. The logo was created by printing the Cadence logo, then moving the paper while scanning it.




Entrée. Plat. Disco. is their tagline. I'm involuntarily responsible for that too. I used it as dummy text on their business cards and they really liked it. It's based on a pun. In french we say "entrée - plat - dessert" for "starter - main dish - dessert". I just ditched dessert for disco as they are playing records at night.


Space design


Using the plans, I modelized the restaurant to take decisions on objects placements, materials matching, etc.
We could basically proofcheck every idea we had. I wanted to give the place a raw and natural aspect, to reflect the quality and freshness of products used by the Chef. So I went full wood and concrete. The metal box in the back is doing the link between kitchen appliances and electronic music. At night, light reflects on the corrugated sheet giving a great disco vibe.


I visited the construction site at crucial moments to take last minute decisions. I also helped a bit myself and crafted furnitures, such as outdoor benches and light fixtures.

The place now

Here is the restaurant you can now visit, tell them I sent you! ;)

Cadence - 117 avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris
Here is the website, you can also check their instagram account.

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